Welcome to Year One!

The class teachers in Year One are Mrs Gizzi and Mr Skuse.

The learning is supported by Mrs Frew, Mrs Asif and Mrs Cruickshank.

 Both our Year One class teachers have extensive knowledge and experience of the Early Years Foundation Stage and use this to effective support the children in their transition into Key Stage One.


What we are learning this half term:

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 Year 1 Phonics

Here are some games you can play to help you practise your phonics:


'Buried Treasure', 'Picnic on Pluto'


BBC Bitesize Liteacy 'Deep Sea Phonics'


KS1 Literacy 'Forest Phonics'


KS1 Literacy




Here is a copy of our Phonic Screening Check presentation:

Phonic Screening Check - Parent Information from St Matthews CE Primary Redhill on Vimeo.


How to say the phonic sounds




Here is the video shown in our phonics meeting, which shows how words are 'scored' in the Phonic Screening Check:


 Recommended Books to Read


If you have any other questions about your child's progress or how your child is getting on in school, please either catch us in the morning or afternoon if your question is brief, or speak to us about making a before or after-school (preferable) appointment.