Special Educational Needs and Disability

We aim to identify early those children who have Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND), in accordance with the SEND Code of Practice, in order to address any issues and help them to make good progress. The needs of these pupils are met through individual programmes of work and differentiated tasks in class planned by class teachers, the special educational needs co-ordinator and outside agencies. Children at St Matthew’s School make accelerated progress through the early identification and evaluation of effective provision.

Each child in the school is unique and teachers plan their lessons to cater for all the abilities in the classroom. Any child can experience difficulty with a specific area of learning at some time in their school life and they may need a provision map, which plans out the support and they require with clear impact statements.

Some children may need the support of the outside agencies e.g. educational psychologist or school doctor. School works closely with these colleagues to modify resources and provide additional adult support or equipment as needed to give every child access to learning.

We are proud of the high level of success we have had in helping children with a wide range of difficulties to achieve their personal targets and make significant progress.  Progress is seen in their academic achievements and also in their development of life skills and independence.

We make maximum use of funding for children with special needs, providing the resources needed to support children in lessons or in small groups for skills practice. Individual Educational Plans are produced, identifying specific targets and planned interventions to help children overcome any obstacles which could hinder learning or participation and we encourage children to be involved in this process. We work closely with parents of all children based on trust, understanding and open communication.

We have a wide range of extra-curricular activities including clubs, outings and residential trips at St Matthew’s School. We encourage every child to participate. Some children may require additional support, but our aim is to ensure, where possible, that every child is included.


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Wave 1 Provision

 Wave 1 is quality first teaching whereby Teachers are aware of the needs of all the children in their class and plan and address these through their teaching. Teaching is adapted to different learning styles and work is differentiated appropriately to match the needs of the children.

The document below illustrates our Wave 1 provision. Click on the images if you wish to open a PDF version.





Wave 2 Provision

Wave 2 is specific, additional and time-limited intervention provided for some children who need help to accelerate their progress to enable them to work at or above age-related expectations.

Wave 2 interventions are often targeted at a group of pupils with similar needs. This includes providing differentiated work and creating an inclusive learning environment. 

 The document below illustrates our Wave 2 provision. Click on the image if you wish to open a PDF version.



Wave 3 Provision

Wave 3 is targeted provision for a minority of children where it is necessary to provide highly tailored intervention to accelerate progress or enable children to achieve their potential. This may include one to one or specialist interventions.

 The document below illustrates our Wave 3 provision. Click on the image if you wish to open a PDF version.