School Day


Morning             8.45am -11.45am             
Afternoon          12.30pm -3.30pm



Morning                   8.50am -12noon
Collective worship   9.00am - 9.20am
Morning break         10.50am - 11.05am
Afternoon                1.00pm - 3.15pm



Morning                     8.50am -12.15pm
Collective worship     9.00am - 9.20am
Morning break           10.30am - 10.45am
Afternoon                   1.15pm - 3.15pm


All children should be in the playground by 8.45am. Parents should wait in the playground with their child until the teacher comes outside to collect the children. Parents do not, as a rule, need to accompany the children into the classroom or cloakroom. (This will encourage their independence.) Parents should meet their child in the playground at the end of the school day. Please note that 3.15 is the time lessons finish; the children then go and get their coats / bags before coming out into the playground.

It is important that we know who is collecting your child, therefore PLEASE ALWAYS let us know if it is someone different as we cannot let children go with people who are strangers to us unless we have your permission.

We know that young children like to show their toys to their teachers and friends but please try to get them to leave them at home.  We have plenty and they get distressed if they lose them.

We keep a certain number of spare clothes for use in case of accidents.  Please make sure that they are washed and returned to school.
We keep a box in school for lost property.  Please ensure all your child’s clothes and equipment are named so we can return them to your child.  Any unnamed and unclaimed lost property are disposed of at the end of each term.

Please ensure we have at least one telephone number where you can be reached in an emergency.  Please inform us or any future changes of contact details.

Please if your child has sickness or diarrhoea keep them at home for at least 24 hours after the last time they were ill.  Please telephone the school office to inform us and give a reason should your child be absent from school.

Rather than ask you to fill in frequent permission slips for local visits, use of the internet, photographs, school medicals we ask parents to inform the school office if you do not give permission.

Parking in the school car park is for staff, authorised visitors and taxis only. A limited number of passes are available for Gloucester Road car park. We do ask that all drivers park considerately, not blocking the driveways of local residents nor causing an obstruction for our crossing patrol.


Our preferred method of communication with parents is via e-mail or texts, eg school trips, newsletters, etc.  Please make sure that you give us this information on your admission forms. 

The cost of a school lunch is £2.25 per day - £11.25 per week, payable in advance on a Monday morning to the class teacher.  You may pay half termly if you prefer.  Cheques should be made payable to Surrey County Council.  You can also pay on-line. Click here for details of online payment.  Please give at least one week’s notice to the school office if you want to change to packed lunches and vice versa.

We encourage healthy eating in school.  If you wish your child to bring a packed lunch please make sure they have a sandwich or similar, salad, fruit and a healthy drink.  Sweets and fizzy drinks are not allowed.  Also, as we have children with specific allergies, please do not include any products containing nuts in either your child’s packed lunch or break-time snack.  This includes peanut butter sandwiches.

Please note that children are not allowed to bring chewing gum or sweets to school.

The school can only administer medication that has been prescribed by a doctor.  If your child requires medication when they are in school please complete a form for parental agreement for school to administer medicine. 

Jewellery, apart from a wristwatch, should not be worn to school.  If your child has pierced ears one stud earring may be worn in each ear, but must be removed for PE.  (This is a Surrey County Council safety rule – it is not enough to cover earrings with plasters.)  If children are not able to remove their own earrings it is best if they do not wear earrings on PE days.

From time to time the school nurse checks the height and weight of the children in the school as part of the normal routine.  Children also have hearing tests at around 6 years of age.  In addition to this, an annual dental inspection is also held.  It is not necessary for you to attend these inspections.  Unless we hear to the contrary, we shall assume that you give permission for the school nurse/dentist/audiologist to include your child in these routine checks.

In general children should not bring mobile telephones to school (Some parents of children who travel unaccompanied to/from school may prefer their child to have a mobile telephone. In this instance telephones must be kept in the school office during the day.) The school does not accept responsibility for loss of mobile phones.