School Council

The School Council is a representative body of the school's pupils which gives the children a valuable means of communication within the school.  It teaches them skills in debating and discussing matters of mutual interest and planning and completing projects.  Children develop the confidence to speak in meetings and report back to their class-mates and teachers.

The School Council is a vital part of the running of our school. One child from each class is elected each term for the position to represent their class. Children from Year Six can put themselves forward for ‘Chair Person’. Children prepare a speech explaining the reasons why they feel they would be suitable to run the school council. The whole school then votes after hearing these hustings speeches.

The School Council meet once a week to discuss important issues that arise from the school community. The school councillors feedback to their classes the important information discussed. 


Our New Summer School Council:

 Our Summer School Council  comprises the following children;


Thomas Davis, Sienna Allpass

Year 1

Dhruv Menon, Ashley Clarke

Year 2

Luke Mayfield, Alicia Mgobi

Year 3

Emma Louise lines, Nafisah Rahman,

Year 4

Alfie Baines- Kirk, Mary Ojo

Year 5

Tanaka Mgodi, Morgan Berry


Matthew Clegg, Ellese Jeffery

 Our School Council ensures that all children have a voice within our school community.