Religious Education

Religious Education lies at the very heart of our curriculum and school life. It reflects and conveys our role as a Christian School.


RE enables pupils to think theologically and explore the great questions of life and death, meaning and purpose; reflect critically on the truth claims of Christian belief; see how the truth of Christianity is relevant today and face the challenge of Jesus' teaching in a pluralist and post-modern society; experience the breadth and variety of the Christian community and become active citizens, serving their neighbour.



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We asked our pupils what they think of RE at St Matthew's. This is what they said:

I like it when we light the candle in our RE lesson. 

Year 2 Pupil



The best RE lesson I’ve been in was when we were learning about Muslims because it was fun to do.

Year 5 Pupil



This year we did an activity called ‘meet the characters’ which has helped me to find out about other faiths.

Year 6 Pupil


We also asked a random sample of our pupils what three words they would use to describe RE at St Matthew's. These are the words they used:


The Governing Body at St Matthew’s have chosen that the school uses the syllabus from the Southwark Diocese as a framework for their teaching in RE. The curriculum teaches our pupils about religion in accordance with two attainment targets, Learning About Religion (AT1) and Learning From Religion (AT2). These set out the skills, understanding and knowledge that pupils at different stages of their learning are expected to have.

The following grid outlines the curriculum coverage and progression for pupils in RE for pupils at St Matthew’s School this year: