Reading Recovery and Numbers Count

Hello, my name is Mrs Kelsey, and I am the Reading Recovery teacher at our school.

Reading Recovery is a fantastic programme of one-to-one lessons, lasting about two terms, which builds children’s confidence in reading and develops their enjoyment of learning.

As a teacher I feel very privileged to be able to support children to progress in their reading in this way. Reading is an essential life skill and through Reading Recovery my aim is that all the children supported by the programme develop into confident readers and in particular learn how to read for pleasure.


Hello. I am Mrs Roopun and I have worked at St Matthew’s school for many years as a class teacher (teaching some of the parents of our current children!) and now I feel very lucky to be the Numbers Count teacher.

I work with children from years 2 to 6 who need extra support with maths, and Numbers Count helps the children to engage with maths in a fun and practical way.

I work with the children on a one to one basis, with lessons specially designed for each child. Our work in Numbers Count is based on practical activities and children are encouraged to talk about their maths and reflect on their learning.  I love to see the children gain in confidence and begin to develop a real ‘can do’ approach to maths.        

Numbers are all around you in the Numbers Count room…