Special Needs Support Centre (SNSC) - Sun Class

St Matthew's has a 14 place Special Needs Support Centre, which is known within the school as Sun Class.  The teacher in charge is Mrs Hill, assisted by Mrs Robins as well as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and two other Teaching Assistants.

The SNSC is an integral part of St Matthew’s School and caters for children with diagnoses of autistic spectrum disorders.  All the children have a Statement of Special Educational Need. An individual teaching programme for each child is planned and developed by the school and other professionals are involved which ensures that the educational needs of all the children are met.

A Speech and Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist are involved with working with individual children.

All children have access to the National Curriculum and they integrate, with support, into the mainstream life of the school.  The children in Sun Class have weekly swimming lessons to develop their physical and water safety skills.  Other activities include cooking and horse riding.


Meet the Sun Class Team:

The Teacher in charge of the Special Needs Support Centre is Mrs Hill.


Hello, I’m Mrs Hill and I joined St Matthew’s in September 2009 as Teacher in charge of the Special Needs Support Centre. I support children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. I feel privileged to work as part of a fantastic team and a school which places a high value on inclusive education and respects and values difference in individuals.





Hello, I'm Mrs Robins! I have taught at St Matthews for over 20 years. Over my time I have worked as a supply, part time and full time teacher. I am now in Year 2 with Mrs Semple. I have three children of my own. My hobbies are swimming, running, reading, cooking and knitting.






Hello, I'm Mrs Jancek and I have been working at St Matthew’s for more than 5 years. I love my job in Sun Class where I enjoy doing Speech and Language activities as well as regular cooking. I enjoy spending time with my family and would swim all day given the chance!






Hello, I'm Mrs Rowe and I have worked here for 14 years; I’ve been an HLTA for 5 years and I’m currently based in Sun Class. I enjoy working with the children and staff. Outside of school I am a Unit Helper for 5th Redhill Guides.







Hello, I'm Mrs O'Driscoll and I have worked at the school for about 19 years. I thoroughly enjoy working in Sun Class. I am also a midday supervisor and enjoy this part of the job too! I enjoy my family and friends out of school especially my grandchildren, who are wonderful!







Sun Class Curriculum Information

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