Year Two never miss a beat!

Year Two had a fantastic morning taking part in an African drumming workshop at St Bede's School.  At first we listened to African music and had to try and work out which instruments we could hear.  We then started to copy rhythms and we talked about pitch and tempo.

We could see the drums in the middle and we couldn't wait to get our hands on them! We had to copy Mr Wood and move into the middle to slowly collect a drum.  After that we played some call and response games.  The best part of the morning was performing as a class, with each child taking turns to perform their own solo.


One child said 'I liked copying all the rhythms and composing my own music, just like we do in our recorder lessons!' Another child commented on how passionate the teachers at St Bede's and at St Matthew's are about music; 'Mr Wood is incredible, he loves rhythm!'

It was an amazing morning and we would like to thank Mr Wood and Miss Mitchell and all the other staff at St Bede's for welcoming us with open arms and providing an experience that won't be forgotten!