Year Two - Nocturnal Day

On Friday, Year Two enjoyed a spectacular Nocturnal Day. The children arrived at school excited at the prospect of spending the day in their pyjamas.

After assesmbly, the children got changed into their pyjamas, a bedtime story was read to them, all the lights were turned off and the alarm clock was set for the end of the day! The children used their imagination to pretend that they were asleep for the day, just like nocturnal animals.

During the day the children explored the character of 'Plop' from Jill Tomlinson's 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark,' thought carefully about people who work at night time and they also created a night time collage using a variety of materials. As well as this they researched different nocturnal animals using information books.

It was a jam-packed day full of learning opportunities. One Year Two child commented 'I wish it could be Nocturnal Day every day!'