Year 6 Dig for Victory

Year 6 study World War Two during the Autumn term and in order to gain more experience, we decided to visit RHS Wisley to take part in a WW2 workshop.  The children were able to learn more about food rationing, looking at foods that were available and discuss those that were rationed.  They were then taken out into the gardens, where they learned about the “Dig for Victory campaign”, a campaign where ordinary people were encouraged to grow their own vegetables in whatever space was available.  The children were then given a selection of different tools and learned the different techniques used to dig over the land and planted some peas ready for a new harvest.  We then had time to visit the glasshouse and look at some of the tropical plants and desert plants that we would be learning about in the Spring term as part of our geography topic,  “The World Around Us.” 

A very successful day!  Thank you to all the parents who came with us and helped with the activities.