Year 5 science field trip at Gatton Park

Year Five had a fantastic day out at Gatton Park, despite the rain which didn't dampen our enthusiasm. The purpose of the visit was to study mini beasts and their habitats, to link with our science lessons at school.  We looked at two habitats - the pond and woodland. We spend some time in the education centre looking closely at life-forms in pond water under a microscope. We used identification keys to find out exactly what species the animals were and we learned about how the animals adapted to their particular habitats. Then we went pond dipping which was very exciting. We had to dip our nets in the pond from the dipping platform and then look closely at what they contained. There were mayfly nymphs, rams horn snails, dragonfly nymphs and blood worms to name but a few!

We then went to find out which animals lived in the woodland habitat. We shook branches to catch any creatures onto a white sheet and then sucked them up into a special container called a pooter. This enabled us to look at them closely. We had such fun sucking up spiders and flies! We let them go afterwards of course!

The children were complimented on their high level of interest, subject knowledge and vocabulary and excellent behaviour.