Year 3 Learn Skills for Life

On Friday's 17th October, Year 3 had a very exciting and fun day learning and taking part in a variety of life skills to consilidate their learning for this half term which concluded in a sleepover at school!

In Maths we have been learning about mass and weight, and in Design & Technology we have been learning how to use tools correctly, so we used these skills to make bread rolls, weighing out the flour, yeast, salt and water and mixed it to form a wet and soggy dough. After the dough has risen and been kneaded several times we created lots of different bread shapes! When they came out of the oven to cool down, we filled the rolls with a range of healthy fillings including tuna, cheese, ham, lettuce, cucumber and tomato!

In Geography we used our learning of mapwork in an orienteering game to find a number of controls hidden within the school grounds.

To conclude our day, we had a sleepover at school. Some of us were excited about this, other apprehensive however we supported each other well and had a fabulous time!