Year 2 meet Hilda Offen!

Last week, Year 2 children visited Redhill library for an author talk with Hilda Offen. Hilda Offen is a children’s author and illustrator.

First she read a poem from her new collection, Message from the Moon and children made up actions to accompany the words. She then showed children a selection of her “rough drawings”, made using tracing paper and a fine-nibbed pen with black ink. We then looked at some of her finished work which had been painted using watercolour paints and those fine-nibbed pens again for detail.



Rishika asked, “Where did you learn to draw?”

Hilda told us that she started drawing when she was as young as 5 and has been practising hard since. She also talked about her time at Reigate School of Art and how she developed her skills whilst working for newspapers and magazines.

Sree asked, “Do you think of what you want to draw before you create it?”

She explained that she always started with a planned idea but that often, this changed as the drawing came to life.

Maya asked, “Do you do the pictures or the writing first?”

Hilda said that it depended on the piece she was working on but that it depended on the type of book she was illustrating.

Julia asked, “Do you do the cover illustration or the pictures inside first?”

Hilda replied that if it were up to her, the cover would be done last, but that publishers often wanted her cover illustration first to use for publicity.

After that, children worked with Hilda to create a story illustration of our own, using pupils as models for drawing the different characters and their ideas to create the story behind them. The children even had a chance to help her with the drawings!





At the end, children generated ideas for what the characters might be saying or thinking and these were added to our illustration as a finishing touch!