Year 1 Visit to Drusilla's Park

Year 1 had an amazing day at Drusilla's Park, despite the rain! The children explored the park, enjoying looking at the different animals. The workshop 'Furs, Feathers and Scales' gave the children a wonderful opportunity to touch a snake and a chinchilla; then they used all their senses to describe how they felt.  Following on from their learning at school the children were able to apply their knowledge about classification of creatures and animal features.

The children showed great resilience by staying positive throughout the day, particularly when it rained. They took responsibility for themselves, each other and the environment.

' I really liked the cheeky monkeys because they made lots of funny noises' Jack

' I enjoyed the singing crocodile because I liked the voices it made.' Melissa

' My favourite part of the day was when I felt the chinchilla because the fur was very soft. I was very brave and tried something new.' Philip

' I liked it when I touched the snake. The first time I was scared, but then I was more confident the second time the snake came round.' Maya