Year 6 stepped back into the days of the Second World War, visiting the Bluebell Railway in Sussex. The aim of the day was to give the children a flavour of what evacuation was all about back in the early 1940s. For most of our children it was their first journey on a steam train and they experienced some of the sights, sounds and smells that the evacuees travelling on the railways would have experienced.

As well as travelling on the train, the children had the opportunity to go into the station signal box and some even stepped up onto the steam engine itself! 

After having lunch in glorious sunshine, the children took part in a billeting exercise, experiencing what it might have been like for evacuees waiting to see if they would be chosen by any of the foster families. There was also the opportunity for a sing song in the station subway when the air raid siren went off!

It was a wonderful day, enriching the children's learning as they continue to learn about World War Two .

"Wow, I wish I could travel on this steam train every day - it's amazing!"

"This is the best trip I've been on! I really felt like I was being evacuated."

"I'm beginning to understand what it might have felt like waiting to be chosen by a new family."

"The difference between us and the evacuees is that we know we are going home to be with our families at the end of today."