Sunshine and singing at Southwark Cathedral

We are very proud that, once again, our choir were invited to sing at the annual Bishop's Lent Call service at Southwark Cathedral. This special service of thanksgiving, recognises the contributions made by many schools in the diocese during Lent. The theme this year was "Caring for the Whole Person," something we always endeavour to do here at St Matthew's School.

The choir, along with representatives from each class enjoyed a wonderful day in London. As well as singing at the service, the children took time to have a look around the awe-inspiring Southwark Cathedral. The memorial to William Shakespeare was particularly interesting.

A walk along the south bank of the River Thames and a picnic lunch in the sunshine added to a great day. Among the sights enjoyed by children and adults alike were the Globe Theatre, the Tate Modern art gallery, St Paul's Cathedral, the Millennium Bridge, the Shard and, in the distance, Tower Bridge.

Travelling by train gave a good opportunity for the children to chat with friends from other classes and, indeed make new friends! Some used the journey time to continue with their knitting, much to the amusement and admiration of other passengers!