St Matthew's School Council - our Pupil Voice!

Following the recent hustings and elections our 2016/17 School Council, with its latest cohort of councillors, is up and running! What a super team of children! The School Councillors  and Mrs Cox meet each Monday lunchtime to discuss how we can give all the children in our school a voice.

Our first action has been to help at lunchtime in the playground, generally being a helpful and caring friend to other children. Our Councillors wear  high visibility jackets to be easily identifiable. They help other children organise and play their playtime games. Sometimes they help to mediate and sort out a potential difficulty; they answer children's questions or refer children to an adult as necessary. They provide a good listening ear to other children. The staff appreciate their help and mature approach.

The School Councillors each report back to their classes, discussing ideas for the future,  as well presenting their progress so far, during assembly time. Minutes of School Council meetings are shared with pupils and staff  as well as with Mrs Lightfoot and school governors. Everyone at St Matthew's School, children and adults, is an important and valued member of our school family.