Sleepover at School!

When everyone else had gone home on Friday 4th July, Outdoor Adventurous Activity Club and SUN Class had a sleepover at school!

Here’s a recount of their time camping, contributed by Leo and Jessica:

On arrival we put up our tents with huge excitement. The fire didn’t light at first but then Russell had a go and lit it on his first try! We wrapped our jacket potatoes twice in tin foil and then put them on the fire. When the jacket potatoes were cooked, we played games. We put the food in a frying pan and then put our sausages and beans on to cook. After our dinner was cooked, we ate it and then we washed up the cooking things.

We had a camp fire together with SUN class, sang songs and Mr Mercer told us a story whilst we ate marshmallows and cookies! We even snuck into the staffroom for hot chocolate and tea! We cleaned our teeth and went back to our tents to sleep. Jessica’s tent leaked in the night, but she didn’t get wet!

In the morning we had breakfast of cereal and toast. We brushed our teeth and washed our faces. We put our tents down, loaded up the car and waited for our parents to collect us.

Camping at school was awesome. It was really fun and exciting because we had never done it before at school!