RE day 2015    "Peace be with you"

This year's RE day was based around the theme of 'Peace.'  The day started with Collective Worship led by Miss Marsh and Mrs Burse.  The children enjoyed using visual clues to guess Miss Marsh and Mrs Burse's peaceful place; the beach! Other teachers read riddles to the children about their peaceful place; some were easier to guess than others! Our children always sing well so it was good to have an opportunity to sing songs reflecting the theme of peace. Some of the children also shared prayers.

The day was filled with exciting learning including writing, music, art and an opportunity to debate and discuss  issues that are important for all of us. All children made Peace bracelets to reflect the different religions in our world and how they all share the same message of Peace; treat others as you would like to be treated.  Each child also produced art work on their peaceful place.  This included the use of watercolour paints, tissue paper and pastels. 


Reception, Year One and Year Two enjoyed a peaceful dance session with Mrs Baillie-Young.  This focused on Peace within our school and community.  The dance included circular movements, holding hands to show togetherness and bridges to show that to create and maintain peace, bridges will need to be built. 

It was an enjoyable and peaceful day for everyone!