Jazz comes to St. Matthew's

The morning of Friday, 3rd July began on a bright and musical note when, once again we welcomed St Bede's School's Jazz Band, who performed for all the children and staff here at St Matthew's.  Their wonderful performance, under the direction of James Wood, included a wide variety of jazz and popular tunes, including the theme tunes from 'Spider Man' and "Mission Impossible." 

Each piece was greeted with great enthusiasm by our children who enjoyed joining in by clapping and moving in time to the beat and singing. The morning also gave the children the opportunity of seeing, close up, the various individual instruments, woodwind, brass and percussion. It was a very inspiring and entertaining concert. Mr Wood complimented St Matthew's children on their musicality and great behaviour. He also encouraged children who are learning musical instruments, particularly our Year 4 clarinet players, to keep on playing and practising so that, in a few years' time, they may be performing as part of the Jazz Band.


 The Jazz Band from Saint Bede's play a variety of music at St. Matthew's

Introducing the saxophone