Faith Focus Day

On Tuesday 15th July, pupils from Nursery right up to Year Six enjoyed a Faith Focus Day.  


The theme of the day was Moving On and Belonging and children spent the day taking part in a range of learning opportunities, whilst responding to the day's key questions:


What do I need to pick up?

What do I need to put down?

Who will be with me?

How do I make the right choices?


This linked nicely with the time of year as all children are moving on to different year groups, with some leaving to join secondary school, or even start school in a different country! The day kicked off with one of Father Andrew's memorable Collective Worships which had all the children excited about the day ahead.  Throughout the day, all children visited a Prayer Space where they were met by Father Andrew, Reverend Rosemary and Reverend Sharon.  The children were able to hang a bead on the prayer net, pray for someone else around the world, as well as write a prayer for themselves.  


One child remarked 'I wish we had this everyday! It's beautiful and calm!' Many children commented on the variety of learning opportunities; a particular favourite was an activity called 'Paper the walls with your wisdom.'  This activity allowed children time to reflect on deeper questions and statements, such as 'I'd like to ask God...' Children came up with fascinating responses such as 'What is your favourite Bible story?' and 'Is God real or is he just in my heart?'


Towards the end of the day, the children gathered excitedly in the school hall for Singing Worship.  It was lovely to see all the children up on their feet, singing their hearts out and joining in enthusiastically with all of the actions.  Thank you to everyone who helped make the day a great success, especially Father Andrew, Reverend Rosemary, Reverend Sharon, Mrs Buchan and her talented team of musicians!