Election of School Council Chairperson

Congratulations to our Year 6 school council nominees who gave excellent, eloquent presentations at the recent hustings. The children made their presentations in front of the whole school, seeking to be elected as the chairperson of our school council.

“You should vote for me because I will listen to your fascinating ideas and voice them in meetings. Everyone’s views and ideas have a right to be heard.

“If elected, I will do my best and we will be amazed at what we can do and achieve by working together.”

“If you need to tell me something, don’t be shy; just come up and speak to me. I will always be there for you. I will gather up your ideas and make them happen!”

“I could bring your ideas to life and make our wonderful school even better than it is already.”

“I want St Matthew’s School to stand out, not only from the other schools in Redhill, but the whole of Surrey. This school can fly to the maximum standards.”