Easter Service at St Matthew's Church

Thank you to all of those who made it to our Easter Service on Thursday morning at St Matthew's Church.

Year 6 began our retelling of Holy Week with a news report live from Jerusalem, just as Jesus rode in on his donkey. We even heard from the donkey, who was honoured by his special role!


Year 4 then explored Jesus’ role in the temple when he challenged the money changers. There was silence in the audience; Year 4 sang beautifully.


Reception explored the Last Supper, and showed us their incredible pictures of their favourite foods.


This was then followed by Year 3, who acted out the role of Judas betraying Jesus and told part of the story through poetry too (they had to remember a lot of words!)


Year 1 showed us how Peter denied knowing Jesus. ‘Peter’ ensured that the whole of the church heard his denial!


Year 5 explored Jesus’ trial and crucifixion. They helped us to focus on the role of the nails, and reflect on this.


Finally we watched Year 2 'raise the roof' with their depiction of happiness in The Resurrection. The whole church clapped and sung along as they danced to 'Happy'.