E-Safety Day 18th November 2015

As part of national anti-bullying week, we included a special e-safety day, learning and reminding ourselves how to stay safe on the internet, when using mobiles phones, online games, social media and other technology, and how to deal with cyber bullying.  In lessons and in special e-safety assemblies the children were reminded how they can keep themselves safe online. Each class enjoyed helpful activities, appropriate to the age of the children.

Children and staff  discussed what ‘personal details’ are and who is entitled to them, as well as what to do if someone asks you for them. Children designed some bright and bold posters encouraging others to be confident in safe use of the internet, texting and social media and protecting your personal information. We discussed who are "strangers" and why it is important that  your parents know where you are,  what you are doing and who you are communicating with.

Year 4  put their maths skills to the test within their e-safety learning. They  watched a clip giving lots of facts about children using mobile phones and  then converted and calculated some startling statistics. Other children used the laptops to create fact sheets educating others about safe use of mobile phones and the internet. Another activity involved exploring the pros and cons of Wiki sites.

 Useful websites for parents and children:       www.thinkuknow.co.uk       www.kidsmart.org.uk