Changes to Redhill - our time capsule.

We are delighted that St Matthew's pupils have been invited to be part of the exciting improvement and renovation project that is taking place in Redhill at the moment. Year Five, who have learned about Redhill's history, particularly during the Victorian period and the town's expansion following the development of the railway, now have an opportunity to contribute towards our town's future.  Their exciting task is to fill a time capsule with objects that they think will be interesting when the capsule is opened in 25 years time (2041) when the current Year 5 children will be 34 or 35! What will they decide to include in the time capsule? Which objects do you think sum up life in Redhill in 2016 and would be of great interest to people in 2041? What would you include?

The capsule is to be buried at the front of the new Sainsbury's in July and the Mayor will be inviting some of us to be part of the ceremony.