Camping Fun!

The torrential rain and thunderstorms did not spoil our fun, and it certainly was an adventure for us all! 

Camping under canvas on our school field, as the skies above were lit with bright, white lightning and the rumbles of thunder echoed around, brought tears, laughter and an insight to our beautiful world!  This certainly was a stimulating and enriching experience for us all which we thoroughly enjoyed. 

Everyone did eventually get some sleep! 

Through a rich range of challenging and stimulating activities in the outdoors, the children developed and applied many new skills such as teamwork, cooperation, resilience and communication.

The afternoon started when the children pitched their own tents, cooked jacket potatoes in the embers of the roaring camp fire along with sizzling sausages and baked beans, and enjoyed a hearty meal in the open air. After a great team effort to wash up, we concluded the evening with a good old sing song around the camp fire with a hot chocolate and melted marshmallows sandwiched between chocolate digestive biscuits! then it was time to head to bed in our tents.

The photos just show what a difference the outdoors really can make to our children.  Being able to capture these smiles really does show the enjoyment that they have had

When asked which was their favourite activity, one child said "I loved it all!" and another said "I can't wait for next year!"

Miss Page would like to thank all the children for their excellent behaviour this weekend and thoughout the year in Outdoor and Adventurous Club and hope that they continue to apply many of the valuable skills that they have gained to all aspects of their daily lives. Well done to the Year 5 and 6 children who were wonderful tent leaders!

 Finally, a huge thank you to Mrs Lightfoot, Miss Newns and Mr Mercer as this would not have been able to happen without you!


Fun on the Climbing Wall!

Marshmallows around the Camp Fire!