Aspiring Actors in Year 3

Year 3 have had a really busy start to this academic year in their English lessons, enjoying looking at their new Power of Reading storybook: "Into the Forest."  The children have not yet read the story but have used the pictures to help them develop their use of descriptive language and used drama and role-play to help them begin to empathise with each of the characters.

The children used a picture from the story as a stimulus and then recreated their own scene and conversation!  It was so nice to see the children engaging in the role play, developing their use of language and understanding for the characters so that they can use it in their writing later on in the week! 

Speaking to some of the children individually, some of them said "It was fun and I liked being able to act out the characters' feelings!"   Another pupil said "I don't know why they are looking upset and miserable but maybe it is going to be a strange and unusual day!"