Activity Week gets off to a great start!

Monday 16th March marked the start of our activity week at St Matthew's with Year Six visiting Hindleap Warren, and Year Five swapping their school uniforms for wetsuits at Mercer's Lake.

Here are some photos from Year Five's busy day:





Year 6 also had an amazing day at Hindleap Warren. Everyone took part in 4 different activities

  •  pioneering (which involved making a huge catapult)
  • team challenge – a series of different activities which needed us to test out our teamwork
  • archery
  • leap of faith – which involved climbing up a huge pole and jumping onto a trapeze from a platform at the top. To make it even trickier, the pole wobbled!

We thoroughly enjoyed our day out!





Year 4 took part in some orienteering and climbing activities in school on Monday. Miss Glithero taught them how to climb along the climbing wall and they played a game of cat and mouse. One person had to chase the other and unfortunately Miss Newns was not quick enough! They also learnt how to orienteer around the school with Miss Page. Year 4 enjoyed exploring the local environment and looking for the red and white number plaques.