Activity Week Continues....Tuesday 17th March

Reception - Gatton Park


Reception had a fantastic day at Gatton Park, where they completed activities about Mud and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The children made tree spirits, mud sculptures, and caterpillars from natural materials. They had to hunt for the woolly caterpillar and went on a life cycle walk.

The children had a great day and were very tired from all their busy learning!




Year 2 - Hindleap Warren


Year Two had an incredible experience at Hindleap Warren. Everyone took part in three different activities:


  • Orienteering
  • High adventure- this involved putting a helmet and a harness on.  It was scary walking across a rope! The children were great at cheering each other on.
  • Problem solving- this involved getting children from one side to the other using a rope, developing their team work skills.


 At the end of the day they too were exhausted! Some of them even fell asleep on the coach home.  One child said ‘Thank you for making this the best day of my life!’




Year 3 - Mercers Lake:

On Tuesday 17th March 2015, Year 3 went on amazing trip to Mercers Lake as part of "Activity Week".

They took part in a wide range of activities they had never done before and said "it was awesome!" Some of the activities were based on the land where they were challenged to work as a team to solve problems and then they also did some water based activities on the lake. 

 Many said they had felt apprehensive about the water based activities because they had had never done anything like it before.  However, as soon as they got going they began to feel more comfortable and were so proud of their achievements at the end of the day.  They all worked together, supporting and encouraging one another.  It was so lovely to see them cheering one another on!

Here are some pictures of the day: