A 'Challenging' Week!

This week we have taken part in a range of problem solving tasks. They have been great fun, and really made us think!

Family Activity Afternoon

Over 70 parents and children spent the afternoon trying out a range of brain teasing activities this week. The aim was to challenge the children (and parents!) to extend their thinking. Amongst other challenges, we had great fun trying to predict what the computer of the future would look like, constructing a spider trap using 1 sheet of newspaper and some rubber bands and trying to think of questions that would all have the word "blue" as the answer!



Maths and Science Day at Southwark Cathedral

On Wednesday, some of our Year 3 and 4 children were lucky enough to use Southwark Cathedral in their learning. We measured the height of the cathedral using a helium balloon and string, carried out a science investigation about the effects of the weather on the outside of the cathedral and made a tower from straws and tape which had to take the weight of a cup of water! It was great fun!

Well done to Isabel and Conor whose tower was voted the best structure by children from other schools.



Whole School Challenge Day

On Thursday, the whole school took part in a challenge day with the theme  'Out of this World'. All the pupils enjoyed investigating their particular challenge and the resulting work was spectacular! Nursery and Reception made aliens and alien spacecraft, whilst Year 3 became young apprentices, designing new products which may be useful in school. Look out for a display of work and photos in school soon!