Gifted and Talented


Every child is gifted and talented in their own unique way.

What does 'gifted and talented' mean?

'Gifted and talented' is a term used in schools to describe children who have the potential to develop significantly beyond what is expected for their age.

'Gifted' refers to a child who has abilities in one or more academic subjects, such as English or maths. 'Talented' refers to a child who has skills in a practical area such as music, sport or art. It is important to remember that identification of gifted and talented children is based on the children in the school and its context, not on the national picture.

At St Matthew's children are identified as Gifted and Talented by class teachers and/or subject leaders. These children may be identified because they are attaining at levels significantly above the expected levels for their year group or because there is an indication that they may have the potential to do so. A register of these pupils is kept and updated by the gifted and talented subject leader.

Provision at St Matthew’s

Schools have to meet the needs of all their pupils. At St Matthew's care is taken to provide more challenging lessons and other opportunities for gifted and talented children.  In addition, outside of the classroom, children are given the opportunity to take part in an annual inter-schools quiz. Challenge clubs are also run to give groups of children of similar ability the chance to solve problems and find creative solutions to challenges together.

We currently have the following provision:


Able Writers Group

Our Able writers group takes place weekly for Key Stage 2 children. These writers have recently taken part in the creative writing competition run by Reigate Grammar School and Ella (Year 5) won the competition! In addition, the children wrote short stories for the Radio 2 500 Words short story competition. The older writers will be writing poems for the Betjeman Poetry competition this term.


Able Mathematicians Group

Our able mathematicians group takes pale weekly for Key stage 2 children. Our mathematicians in this group develop their investigative skills by undertaking NRich challenges set by Cambridge University.


Gifted and talented mathematicians and scientists are taken to Southwark Cathedral each year to undertake a variety of maths / science tasks in which the cathedral is the main stimulus.


Gifted scientists visited Brooklands Museum during British Science work and took part in themed workshops.


A dance club for talented dancers ran during the autumn & spring term. The dancers performed at 2 different dance festivals.

Here's a short video montage of our dancers during the 'Class Act' Dance Show in May 2016:


Each year, two teams of Key Stage 2 pupils take part in the National Schools Quiz Championships which tests their general knowledge against that of pupils from other schools.



More information about gifted and talented children may be found on the following websites : - the National Association for Gifted Children providing information and advice for parents and children. - monthly maths problems, games and articles. - general information on the education system.


Here are some useful documents, used during our 'Challenge' day:

Thinking Keys

Family Activity Afternoon at St. Matthew's CE Primary