Faith Group

Our Faith Group was established in October 2014 with it's main purpose to ensure that the Christian distinctiveness of the school, as a 'Church of England' Primary School, is maintained and enhanced. As a school we believe that our identity as a Christian community is clear, embedded as cross-curricular. We want our children to know that God is good and that he loves them. We ensure that children have a positive and authentic experience of Christianity on which they can build throughout their lives.

The pupils meet in their key stages half termly to discuss strengths and enhancements.

Here is their story so far...

  • 02/10/14 Initial meeting- We introduced ourselves. We raised Collective Worship as an area that we would like to improve.
  • 20/11/14 We discussed themes for Collective Worship to feed into the Spring term Collective Worship planning.  We also decided that classes would lead Collective Worship alongside Clergy.
  • 3/3/14 We went on a Christian distinctiveness ethos walk with a parent from school too. We enjoyed identifying strengths as well as suggesting improvements.
  • 2/2/15 We reviewed our work so far.  This has focused on Collective Worship and how we felt the class Collective Worships are going, and what their impact is.
  • 03/03/15 We planned an RE focus day which happened on 22/6/15. We have decided the theme will be 'Peace'.
  • ‘Peace Day’ was a great success, all of the children enjoyed taking part and were able to explore the theme of peace  using a range of different skills
  • Autumn term 2015

    A new faith group has been established, we are excited about continuing the work started last year and developing the ideas even further.

    At our initial meeting we introduced ourselves and explained our reasons for being part of the school faith group.

    We then talked to Father Andrew about our ideas for the coming year. First was the creation of a communal  Reflection Area in the infant library which we have already achieved, make sure you bring your family to share it with you. 

    Our focus for the academic year 2015-16 is going to be the creation of a Reflective Garden – we will be writing to local businesses and the diocese for help and support with this as well as involving members of our school community.


  • Spring Term 2016




The children wrote letters to local businesses asking for help and support with the proposed Reflective Garden.  We hope to start work in the garden during the Summer Term.


  • Summer Term



The Faith Group will help to lead "Think! Week" planned to take place in June.

- They would like to design a cross which incorporates symbols representing the other World Faiths which they would then like to see displayed in the Reflective Garden. 

- The children have expressed a desire to strengthen our links in the local community.  Louise suggested visiting local Care Homes to sing action songs and perform poems.  Father Andrew is looking into this using the links and connections that he has. 

Here are the members of our school Faith Group: