Curriculum Policy


  • To promote high educational expectations within a caring Christian community
  • To celebrate success, friendship and a love of learning
  • To build for the future


The main purpose of our school is that children learn. We want them to develop in a happy and secure environment. Our prime aims are that all children become literate, numerate and articulate and that they should recognise the contribution they can make to the school and the wider community by the development of their own particular talents. The curriculum is planned effectively, providing continuity and progression. It promotes an enjoyment of learning and a commitment to learning and achieving. Through the provision of rich and varied activities, we aim to encourage the best possible progress and the highest attainment for all pupils.

The school follows the National Curriculum, Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and Southwark Diocesan Board of Education RE syllabus.

The governors have agreed that Sex and Relationship Education are included in the curriculum. Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish and French) are taught in KS2. Children in KS2 have swimming lessons for half a term each year. SNSC pupils swim every week.


  • to promote high standards in reading, writing and maths
  • to enable children to acquire knowledge, skills and enjoyment in other subjects – science, the arts, humanities, sports
  • to enable children to be confident in the use of ICT
  • to promote spiritual moral cultural and social development
  • to promote physical and mental development and an awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle
  • to develop the personal and social skills of each child
  • to provide equality of access and the opportunity for all pupils to make progress
  • to prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experience of adult life.
  • to enable pupils to make connections across different areas of learning
  • to help pupils to think creatively and solve problems
  • to develop pupils’ capacity to learn and work independently and collaboratively
  • to  enable pupils to respond positively to opportunities, challenge and responsibility

St Matthew’s is an inclusive school and, as such, ensures all pupils have access to all areas of the curriculum. A range of approaches and resources, including staffing, are used to support children with specific needs including SEND, EAL. Provision is made for gifted and talented pupils through enrichment and extension activities within daily classroom lessons, more able groups with specialist teachers and additional activities.

Staff are supported in teaching an effective curriculum. A consistency of approach and standards is ensured by:

  • observation of lessons and feedback
  • “book trawls,” work sampling and discussions with children
  • monitoring of planning
  • pupil tracking – pupil performance meetings
  • peer observations and coaching
  • professional development and training
  • discussion of aspects for development – individual, cohort, key stage, whole school

This policy was adopted: September 2015

Next review: Autumn Term 2018