Parents considering St Matthew’s Church of England Primary School as the school for their child are encouraged to visit the school and talk to the Headteacher.  It is advisable to contact the school to make an appointment.            

T: 01737 762080   E:

The Governing Body is responsible for the admission of pupils to St. Matthew’s Church of England Primary School and admits 60 pupils to Reception each year. This admission limit has been agreed between the Governing Body and the Local Authority and applies to the school years 2018-19 and 2019-20. The Governing Body is required to abide by the statutory maximum limits for infant classes (4+ to 7 year olds), i.e. 30 pupils per class.  The Governing Body has approved a formal Admissions Policy.

If there are more applicants than available places then the admissions policy sets out the order of priority in which places are allocated.

Procedure for admission to the Nursery

To apply for a place in the Nursery you must apply directly to the school using the Nursery Application Form (A hard copy is also available from the school office).  Children are admitted to the Nursery in the September following their 3rd birthday.

Procedure for admission to Reception in September 2019

The school is part of the locally agreed co-ordination scheme and the timescales for applications to be received and processed are those agreed with the Local Authority.  Parents must complete the Local Authority’s Application Form.  This is completed on-line (Please visit

To apply for a place at this school, please ensure you name St Matthew’s as a preference on the application form.

The deadline for applications for entry to the school in September 2019 is Tuesday 15th January 2019.

Details of Surrey County Council’s admissions procedures are available from their Admissions Website

Parents who wish to apply for a place under the church criteria (admission criteria 2 and 3 in the School’s Admission Policy) must also complete the school’s  Supplementary Information Form (A hard copy is also available from the school office). Once completed please return this to the School.

The school will consider late applicants in accordance with the procedure in the Surrey admissions booklet. This means that late applicants will be considered after those who have met the deadline. 

Waiting List and In-year Applications

If you want to join the waiting list you must register your interest with the school using our own Main School Application Form (A hard copy is also available from the school office). 

To apply for admission part way through the school year and to other year groups you must complete a Surrey County Council ‘In Year Application Form’ (Please visit AND our own Main School Application Form (A hard copy is also available from the school office).


Offers of places resulting from an application for admission in September 2019 will be issued by Surrey County Council on 16 April 2019. If your child has not been offered a place and you wish to appeal against that decision your appeal must be lodged with the Surrey Schools Appeals Service by 21 May 2019.

In the first instance you should notify the school office who in turn will notify the Surrey Schools Appeals Service.  Please click on the following link for full details of the 2019 Appeals Timetable and Procedures process. 


For help and advice on any aspect of the Admissions Procedure please contact the School office 01737 762080.



St Matthew's School Admissions Policy for September 2019

Supplementary Information Form for a place under the Church criteria for September 2019

Surrey County Council School Admissions Website

Nursery Application Form

Main School Application Form (Including Waiting List or In-year Applications)

St Matthew's Appeals Timetable 2019